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What we do?

Aim@Goal Of The Law Firm


Pan India Advocate & Associates Aim@Goal was set out earlier days of its incorporation. Meanwhile, the Aims@goal of this Law Firm is to provide the best Legal Services to Individuals, Corporates as well as poor people, Orphans, or Such other persons who are not able to understand the Legal procedure through their Best Legal Arms in nominal Advocate fees. The Main Goal of this Law Firm is to provide the Best Legal Services to their clients in their various kinds of legal Matters till their endeavor so that people get legal Justice timely.


Criminal Law


Pan India Advocate & Associates is specialized in all types of Criminal Matters. Experts in Criminal Defence, Criminal Trials, Cross-Examination, Arguments, Fraud, Cyber Crime, POSH Law, FIR, Bail, Anticipatory Bail, Police Complaints, Private Complaint, Drink & Drive, NDPS Cases, etc. offers Best Legal Advice, Top Legal Consultation in Criminal law related Cases having rich experience in Criminal Defence among Top-rated Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai.

Civil Law


We are handling all types of Civil disputes: Civil Suits, Plaint, Petition, Written Statement, Affidavit, Legal Notice, MOU, Power of Attorney, NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for a temporary injunction, Company Binding up Petition, Recovery Suits, Demand Notice, Vacation Notice, etc.

 Get Legal Advice from Best Civil Litigation Advocate, Lawyer in Mumbai.

Property Law


We are handling all types of property disputes: Sale of property, resale, a Title search of the property, Registration of Property, Sale Agreement of Property, Rent Agreement, Power of Attorney, NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for a temporary injunction on the property, Recovery Suits, Legal Notice, etc.

 Get Legal Advice from Best Property Advocate, Lawyer in Mumbai.

Family law


We are handling family-related disputes like Legal heirs Certificate, Title Search Report, Family Settlement Deed, Mutual Consent Divorce, Child Custody, Court Marriage, Live-in-Relationship, Maintenance from Husband to wife, from Son to Parents, etc.

Get Legal Advice from Google reviewed Best Family Disputes Advocate, Lawyer in Mumbai.