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Domestic Violence & Hrassment

There are many kind of domestic Violence some of them from one partner to another Partner, from childrens to their parents, domestic violence may be in any kind like abusing, burning,threataining, beating,mentally Tourcher etc.

We are Specially Dealing into Domestic Violence & Work place Harassment Cases as Pan India Lebel.
Our priority are to save Human's from such Domestic Violence & Harassment either they are happen at Work place or at Home. 

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Cheque Dishonor Advocate in Mumbai | Cheque Dishonor Advocate in Andheri | Best Cheque Dishonor Lawyer in Mumbai

Cheque Dishonor (U/s 138 NIA)

Cheque Dishonor -NIA Act U/s 138 when a person issues a cheque for his / her liabilities and the same cheque accepted by other Person & deposited in his bank account for clearance but cheque not cleared due to the reason of insufficient balance,Payment stop, Account closed whatsoever its called cheque dishonor,Cheque Bounce. We are Handling Cheque dishonor matters, Cheque bounce, payment stop case as per the rule & regulation of U/ s 138 NIA Act.

Property disputes

We are Handling all types of property disputes.  Dividetion of Family Property, Sale of property, resale, Title search of property, Registration of Property, Sale Agreement of Property, Power of Attorney, Affidavit cum NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for temporary injunction on property etc.

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Divorce Advocate in Mumbai | Divorce Advocate in Andheri | Best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai

Family Disputes

We pan India Advocate & Associates Handling all types of family related disputes.Family Settlement of property, Shares, Title, Legal Heirs disputes, Legal heirs Certificate, Court Marriage, Divorce,Mutual Consent Divorce,Love Marriage, Live-in-Relationship, Maintenance etc.

criminal & civil cases

We are Handling all types of Criminal & Civil matter as per I.P.C,Cr.P.C. , C.P.C.
We are filing Criminal complaints, Police Complaint, FIR, Bail Application, Criminal Trails, Arguments, Cross Examination of Witness. Appearing in court of Law as per our client needs as well as in Civil matters we are filing civil suites for recovery of money,Temporary Injunction, Company Binding up Petitions,

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Notary Advocate in Mumbai | Notary Advocate in Andheri | Best Notary Lawyer in Mumbai

Non litigation matters

We are Handling Almost All types of Litigation and Non Litigation Matters i.e. Drafting of Rent Agreements, Power of Attorney, Gift Deed, Will, Notary Affidavit, Declaration, NOC.
Police Complaint, FIR, Legal Notice, Notice Reply, MOU, Film Agreement, Director & Actor, Finance Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,
Court Marriage, Marriage Affidavit, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Deed, Family Settlement Deed (HUF) Maintenance.

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