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Pan India Advocate & Associates has rich experience in Marriage registration law among the Best Marriage registration Lawyers in Mumbai, offers the Best Legal Services and Top Legal solutions in Marriage registration Services one of the Best Marriage registration Advocates in Mumbai. 

Expert in all types of Family Law cases, Court Marriage, NRI Marriage, Catholic Marriage, Special Marriage, Marriage registration, Marriage Certificate, Divorce, Domestic Violence, etc.

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India is a Secular Country with a wide number of religious peoples of Different religions peoples living in India the Major religions in India are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, etc. hence Marriage in India is solemnized as per their rituals depending on the Parties' religion.

The Matrimonial laws in India are mostly Codified by statute some major acts of them are the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Muslim Marriage under Muslim law, Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872 and the Divorce Act 1869, Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936 apart from these "Special Marriage Act 1954" is a Civil  Legislation law which applies in all people, race, and Community and they can Marry under it.

Divorce Lawyer


We specialized in divorce-related matters: Mutual Consent Divorce Filing, Single Side Divorce case Filing, Mutual Consent Divorce Deed, India is a secular country, therefore, the Secular mindset system of the Indian Judiciary Proclaims several laws for divorce depending on peoples religions Hindu, Muslim and Christians are governed by separate Marriage act and different ground of divorce in India. 

There are many grounds of Divorce as Adultery, Cruelty, Desertion, Conversion, etc. We offer the Best Legal Services in Mutual consent divorce among the Best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai.

Domestic Violence Lawyer


We specialize in all types of domestic Violence cases that can be any form especially towards the protection of women from such kind of domestic violence, it can be physical, Psychological from Husband to Wife, from Childs to Parents.

Violence against women is domestic Violence it includes Threatening, Abusing, sexual abuse, or other Aggressive behavior in a domestic setting it can be in the form of Cruelty, Extortion, beating, or other activities against women in the family.

POSH Lawyer


Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 empowers the safety of Women to act Work Place this act came into enforcement on 9th December 2013 by Ministry for Women and Child Development, commonly referred to as POSH Act. 

This act provides protection from any kind of workplace Harassment, Prohibited Workplace Harassment, and Redressal of Complaints against women.

We offer the Best Legal Advice and Top Legal Solutions for Women against such types of Workplace harassment.

Child Adoption Lawyer


We specialize in all types of Family Law related Cases: Child Adoption, Court Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Recovery Suits of outstanding Payments, Legal Notice, Family Settlement Deed, Partition Suite of Property, Drafting of Various Kind of Mutual Consent Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, FIR against Fraud, Filing of Case in family Court, etc.

Get Best Legal Advice and Top Legal Solution from Best Child Adoption Lawyer in Mumbai, India.